Onion, Chorizo, Spinach and Artichoke Pizza (by Half Baked Harvest)


Onion, Chorizo, Spinach and Artichoke Pizza (by Half Baked Harvest)

Ballo detto Pollicio ━ Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, Jan Willem de Vriend


Tarquino Merula (1594 or 1595–1665).

AItalian composer, organist, and violinist of the early Baroque era, Merula was a key figure in the early development of several forms which were to mature later in the Baroque era, such as the cantata, the aria, the sonatas da chiesa and da camera, variations on a ground bass, and the sinfoniaHe also wrote canzonettasdialogues, keyboard toccatas and capriccios, a Sonata cromatica, and numerous other pieces which display an interest in just about every contemporary musical trend in north Italy.

Merula was one of the most progressive Italian composers of the early 17th century, especially in applying newly developed techniques to sacred music; In sacred music Merula followed the lead of Monteverdi, and often used the techniques of the elder composer; however he also did some new things, such as writing motets for solo voice accompanied by strings. 

I’m not very good at Twitter and I don’t go on it very often, but when I do read through things people have Tweeted I’m shocked at how direct they are. I mean, proposals of marriage and things like that. I’m not gonna say yes to someone I’ve never met, am I?

Snow in Newark feat. Dawn Golden ━ Ryan Hemsworth


Ryan Hemsworth - Snow In Newark feat. Dawn Golden
: chillout, electronic


this is so great

Troians only weakness [X]

Lost And Found ━ Lianne La Havas